All of our Firewood of a 4'x4'x16" or more is offered with FREE DELIVERY to your residence or business, if located in our service area, of Western Missouri and the Kansas City metro area. If stacking is not purchased, firewood will be dumped on your driveway or thrown into a pile as near as possible to where you want it, given that the truck/trailer is able to access location.
We primarily try to deliver firewood to customers during normal business hours, 8AM-5PM Monday through Friday. However, during very busy times of the year we deliver from morning until evening everyday of the week. Commonly, we deliver without someone being home as long as we know exactly where the firewood is going to be stacked, we have access, and payment has been pre-arranged.

 Our wood is available prestacked on pallets or we can deliver it loose. (see pics on firewood page)
As of 7/5/2016 palletized firewood is not available until further notice*

Wrapped On Pallets For Convenience:This firewood is neatly prestacked and wrapped in perforated plastic on a pallet. This is for your convenience, protection and air flow around the wood, which helps keep wood dry and continues the drying process. You do not need to restack the wood unless you really wish to. We don't charge for the pallet, which can be cut up and burned in your fireplace after all the wood is gone. This keeps wood off the moist ground, and lessens insect infestation. Our pallets of wood are delivered with a bobcat forklift. Our driver will do his best to place the delivery in a location that is convenient for you. However, please be aware that our forklift cannot maneuver steep or bumpy terrain carrying a pallet of wood. If it is not practical for you to take your wood on pallets then please request your wood delivered loose. One pallet holds a half cord of wood. A full cord is two (2) pallets.

Loose Wood:If you cannot utilize the palletized wood, we can deliver your wood to you loose and dump it where you would like. There is no difference in delivery costs as we carefully hand stack the wood tightly in our delivery trucks to make sure that you get an exact measurement of the wood that you ordered.
Professional Stacking 

We will stack your firewood anywhere you request at your residence or business. However, Please be aware that if it is in a difficult location (stairs, steep incline/decline, wheelbarrow inaccessable, etc.) to access other charges may be necessary for the extra labor involved. We can stack your firewood with or without firewood racks.